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Our Strengths

  • Concept to commissioning
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Design & Supply of equipment
  • Raw material Procurement & DISPENSING SOLUTIONS
  • Laboratory set up, Restaurant & Pub setup

Frothman Brewing Solutions are Brewery Equipment Manufacturers who recognize the specific needs of the microbrewery segment in the brewing industry. We are a Brewery Equipment Suppliers that bring to you the technology and equipments that offer start to end solution to clients. Our services include manufacturing a wide range of brewing equipments like Pub Brewery Equipment, Beer Storage Tank, Brewery Cip, Brewery Plant, Brewing Vessel, Cip System Brewery and Recovery Plant that guarantees the client high efficiency and consistent quality in the beer produced.


Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Customized recipes

Customized Brewing Solutions. We work to make brewers’ life easier. “Free your imagination, we will make it reality”

Strengths | Technical Consultancy | Design & Supply of Equipment | Raw Material Procurement | Laboratory, Restaurant & Pub Set up | Frothmanbrewing

Strong Sales Team

Our passionate and trusted sales team are ready to craft your future. We’ll work closely with you to prepare a customized quote in a timely manner and offer assistance with configuration and layout.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

operation Contract

As a brewer your main focus is to produce high-quality beer to meet customer demand. There are many competing pressures to running a profitable, productive brewery.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Document Management

We understand the brewing industry and the challenges you face every day. Our focus on beer production optimization addresses every phase of your operation.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Guidance for licence

With liquor being a state subject, microbrewery operators have to obtain a separate licence from the excise department which is a very strenuous task to say the least.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Project Management

Your assigned Project Manager is your one point of contact and is responsible for all aspects of your new project within Frothman Brewing.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Utilities Management

Our engineering department will provide you with customized utility drawings to assist with site development and subcontractor support.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Human Resource

Frothman Brewing has been producing brewery equipment for over few years and has successfully completed over 1200 unique projects.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Inventory Management

Inventory management systems can help with many facets of beer production, from planning through to quality control and sales analysis.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Beer & food Pairing

In many ways, beer is a more natural pairing for food than wine. The breadth and variety of flavours produced from the grain far exceeds those encountered from the grape, and the higher levels of carbonation present in beer are a much more efficient.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Inhouse Manufacturing

Production time is streamlined, allowing us greater quality control, and we can offer immediate access to replacement parts.

We Provide Installation of Brewing Equipment & Opening Your Own Brewery|