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Designing & Manufacturing state of the art equipment for the alcohol and beverage industry.


Our fermentation tanks & BBTs come with capacities ranging from 2 to 20hL which are manufactured from high quality Low Carbon Stainless Steel SS304L.


Insulated dispensing heads, combined with Stainless steel coolant lines and cold block, maintain chilled beverage temperatures right up to the faucet.

Pub Brewery | Brepub Equipments Supplier & Manufacturer

Brewpub equipment supplier,pub brewery supplier,Brewpub,brew pub,Pub brewery india | Brewpub equipment supplier in India - Frothman brewing solutions

What is mean by brewpub ?

Brewpub : is a Pub or a restaurant that brews beer on the premises. Some brewpubs ,such as those in Germany, have been brewing traditionally on the premises for hundreds of years. Micro Brewery is a small brewery with limited production capacity which produces hand-made beer.
These are essentially the Resto-Bar where the fresh-off-tap beer made in the house can be used. These types of microbarrias have the capacity to produce around 1000 to 10,000 liters of beer a day.These types of beer are not bottled in any way, and no form of protector is used in the process of making them. Indian state governments have responded quickly to this new and western concept of Microbrewry - There should be a small beer plant in our restaurant, where you can make your own beer and immerse beer lovers.
It is very famous in Europe and America, and now it is very fast in Asia especially in India..

Frothman – Professional Brewpub Equipment Supplier for setting up pub brewery in india

India is a growing market, where high demands of brewpubs in India. With Indians getting a taste of fresh brew on trips abroad, the demand for it back home is on the rise. Unlike the regular restaurant/bar/pubs serving regular beer, brewpubs have a wide range of distinctive home brews beer with lot of delicious flavours. You can Enjoys its “clean and crisp taste” at brepub.

Demand for Pub Brewery equipments due to the growing brew pub concept and beer drinking hobbies in the world is constantly increasing , because Consumers now have the habit of taking a different style of beer. This has prompted an expansion in the number of microbreweries & pub brewery and brewpubs are started around the globe.

"A beer revolution is brewing in India, Brewpubs are growing in india and giving us different different styles of beer taste."

Frothman brewing solutions specialize in designing and manufacturing quality Pub Brewery equipment and ingredients used in brewing to our customers at the most affordable prices. From beginner to advanced, we have everything you need to create your own Beer, Wine, Mead, Cider, Absinth, Chellos, and Liquors right at home. Frothman is the leading brewpub equipment supplier in india that offer wide range of pub brewery equipments will ensure you have everything you need to run your operation with ease.

With Frothman brewing solutions, we can help you build your brewery or brewpub from start to finish. Our experts can help you with all stages of starting a new brewery, we will provide you full help related to pub brewery like business start-up, plan , to find a suitable location for your brew pubs , estimates volumes , brewpub equipment, Microbrewery License to open brewpub, pub brewery india with initial planning, bar architecture, equipment installation, and even help you brew your first batch.

If you want to open brewpub in the growing world of beer breeder, you should contact us
Our experienced team will be with you every step on the way to your pub brewery india project .

Complete all-in-one commercial brewing micro brewery And Pub Brewery equipment.

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brewing Services

Sourcing of qualified and experienced team of brewers and Brewmaster

Raw Material Management

Beer monitoring, Quality control and R&D.

Production Cost Management

Basic Man Power Training

Beer Recipe Formulation and Collaboration Brews

Brewpub Systems - Brewpub equipment supplier - pub brewery India supplier

Frothman brewing solutions is known for group of sahara engineers. Frothman is known for leading Brewpub equipment supplier in india, that provide wide range of Brewpub Systems, brewing equipment for sale. We provide brewpub system that Customizable in size, style, and configuration, Frothman Brewing Solutions & Equipment Company provides high-quality , high standard Brewpub equipment for either an expanding brewing system, or a new complete system setup. Frothman is the only company capable of providing you pub brewery equipment with the support requirements such as: planning, selection of microbrewery, installation, raw material etc, as well as total support & solutions for your pub brewery india projects.

We Provide Installation of Brewing Equipment & Opening Your Own Brewery|