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Microbrewery India - Frothman Brewing Solutions Microbrewery India | Brewing Solutions for Microbreweries in india Microbrewery India

Designing & Manufacturing state of the art equipment for the alcohol and beverage industry.


Our fermentation tanks & BBTs come with capacities ranging from 2 to 20hL which are manufactured from high quality Low Carbon Stainless Steel SS304L.


Insulated dispensing heads, combined with Stainless steel coolant lines and cold block, maintain chilled beverage temperatures right up to the faucet.

Brewing Solutions for Microbrewery india

Frothman is a leading Microbrewery consultant that provides brewing solutions you to Start Your Own microbrewery India.

We At Frothman Brewing Solutions, manufacturing and supplying Brewery Equipment, Large Scale Industrial Breweries, Micro Brewery, Mini Brewery and Pub Breweries equipment to microbrewery in india. We supplies Brewery Plants as well as brewery tanks build by frothman are designed to international standards with high quality material surface finish. Microbreweries can be installed in existing restaurants, Pubs, Hotels or malls or We can design the brewery plants as per clients requirement & availablity of space.

Microbrewery India | Brewing Solutions for Microbreweries in india

About Microbrewery India

A microbreweries or craft breweries is a term refer as a brewery or microbrewery india that produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

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Let’s talk about A Microbrewery in India :

Microbrewery india is the term , that is not so much popular due to our different culture and traditions of our india and even due to strange laws and regulations. Be that as it may, these days, these microbreweries are picking up prominence as a few state Governments are permitting authorizations for beginning microbreweries. These microbreweries are basically resto-bars where one can devour new off-the-tap beer that has been blended in-house. The idea is new and now slanting in our nation. With considerable capital venture and vital arranging, one can begin and work this business effectively.

Frothman offer Brewing Solutions for Microbreweries india :

Frothman as a brand was developed under reputable Sahara engineers in 2018. Frothman follows the legacy of its parent organization serving the Alcobev industry for past 24 years by providing state of the art designs in equipment and tank manufacturing based on top industry standards by amalgamation of best quality, reliability, after sales service and value.

India is projected to be the fastest-growing country in the brewery equipment market, due to the increasing investments by big beer manufacturers company for expansions in the region and rising demand for craft beer. In light of the brewery type segment, the brewery solutions market is fragmented into microbrewery and craft brewery. Due to the rise in the number of microbrewery india , the demand for microbrewery equipment is increasing, So today, the demand for equipment related to microbrewery is increasing worldwide.

Frothman brewing solutions help you to provide total brewing solution for all your requirements in microbrewery india, thereby seamlessly integrating the microbrewery, Brew Pub and restaurant into your venture. We are highly experienced and skilled in serving services related to brewery solutions.

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brewing Services

Microbrewery Consultant | Microbrewery India

Sourcing of qualified and experienced team of brewers and Brewmaster

Microbrewery Consultant | Microbrewery India

Raw Material Management

Beer monitoring, Quality control and R&D.

Production Cost Management

Basic Man Power Training

Beer Recipe Formulation and Collaboration Brews

Leading Microbrewery Consultant in india

Frothman brewing solutions is known for group of sahara engineers. Frothman is known for leading microbrewery consultant in india, that provide wide range of brewing equipment, brewery equipment as well as we offer our customers a complete brewing solution from strating of plan to end, brewing training, maintenance support etc.

How To Open a Microbrewery Business in Microbrewery Bangalore and Microbrewery delhi ,India & Microbrewery Plant Setup Cost in India

Frothman brewing solutions is leading Microbrewery setup plant provider in india, that offer Microbrewery setup cost at affordable price in our country. The Microbrewery setup cost depends on the size of the Microbrewery plant that you want to setup. If you really want open Microbrewery Bangalore, Microbrewery delhi plant in india then talk with our consultant to know more about microbrewery plant.

We Provide Installation of Brewing Equipment & Opening Your Own Brewery|