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Designing & Manufacturing state of the art equipment for the alcohol and beverage industry.


Our fermentation tanks & BBTs come with capacities ranging from 2 to 20hL which are manufactured from high quality Low Carbon Stainless Steel SS304L.


Insulated dispensing heads, combined with Stainless steel coolant lines and cold block, maintain chilled beverage temperatures right up to the faucet.

Microbrewery Bangalore

Beer is the most popular drink after water and tea. Isn’t it? Bangalore is home to some of the best microbreweries among other major cities. Bangalore’s addiction to beer is clearly evident from the rising number of microbreweries in the city during recent years. You must visit at least one these breweries in Bangalore to understand the real flavor of a craft beer.

Frothman Brewing Solutions is a leading Microbrewery consultant that helps you to start a Brewery. Frothman provides microbrewery, as well as our microbrewery consultant, gives you guidance to starting and owning a Microbrewery. Basically, frothman is a brand was developed under Sahara engineers in 2018. We believe in enabling hassle-free brewing of artisanal craft beers through well-engineered equipment and services.We also provide our Microbrewery services in Bangalore, Delhi, etc. Frothman’s Brewery Equipment is manufactured with stainless steel in our state-of-the manufacturing unit. This equipment is especially known for its excellent durability, high efficiency, and less maintenance.

Frothman is a leading Microbrewery consultant in Delhi that helps you to Start a Brewery: Growing Your Own Craft Beer Business

MMicrobrewery Banglore |Craft Beers & Microbreweries In Bangalore - Frothman Brewing Solutions

Start your own Microbrewery Bangalore

Now, you can start your own Microbrewery with Frothman Brewing Solutions. But before taking any decision you should think about cost, location & your business goals to opening your own brewery. We are here to help you with starting Microbrewery in Bangalore. If you are looking for Microbrewery Bangalore or you need any brewing services then you can contact Frothman Brewing Solutions.
Our Brewing Services includes Beer monitoring and quality control, Raw Material Management, Beer recipe Formulation & collaboration brews, etc. We provide turnkey solutions for Microbrewery Bangalore with High-quality equipment.

Follow the steps to Start Microbrewery in Bangalore

  • 1.Plan and Research Brewery
  • 2.Search Location for Brewery
  • 3.Hire Forthman consultant
  • 4.Manage your Financing
  • 5.Application or registration for a permit.s
  • 6.Buy Microbrewery Equipment
  • 7.Build a relationship with the vendor and the local community.

Above steps are useful if you are planning for Microbrewery Bangalore. Our Frothman Consultant can give you a better way for all problems which can occur while startup of Microbrewery.

Some of the Tips from Frothman to Start-up Microbrewery Bangalore

  • Know Your Craft, brewing process
  • giving free samples of your product to local bars will define how well your beer stacks up against the local competition.
  • Make your brand unique which differentiate you from your competitors
  • Small scale breweries mainly focus on local market. To expand your brand globally, you will require large production which is more expensive. You can research your local distributed channels, inquire about cost, possibilities of future beer deliveries.
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brewing Services

Microbrewery Consultant | Microbrewery setup cost in india - frothman brewing solutions

Sourcing of qualified and experienced team of brewers and Brewmaster

Microbrewery Consultant | Microbrewery setup cost in india - frothman brewing solutions

Raw Material Management

Beer monitoring, Quality control and R&D.

Production Cost Management

Basic Man Power Training

Beer Recipe Formulation and Collaboration Brews

Leading Microbrewery Consultant in india

Frothman brewing solutions is known for group of sahara engineers. Frothman is known for leading microbrewery consultant in india, that provide wide range of brewing equipment, brewery equipment as well as we offer our customers a complete brewing solution from strating of plan to end, brewing training, maintenance support etc.

How To Open a Microbrewery Business in Microbrewery Bangalore and Microbrewery delhi ,India & Microbrewery Plant Setup Cost in India

Frothman brewing solutions is leading Microbrewery setup plant provider in india, that offer Microbrewery setup cost at affordable price in our country. The Microbrewery setup cost depends on the size of the Microbrewery plant that you want to setup. If you really want open Microbrewery Bangalore, Microbrewery delhi plant in india then talk with our consultant to know more about microbrewery plant.

We Provide Installation of Brewing Equipment & Opening Your Own Brewery|