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Designing & Manufacturing state of the art equipment for the alcohol and beverage industry.


Our fermentation tanks & BBTs come with capacities ranging from 2 to 20hL which are manufactured from high quality Low Carbon Stainless Steel SS304L.


Insulated dispensing heads, combined with Stainless steel coolant lines and cold block, maintain chilled beverage temperatures right up to the faucet.

Frothman Known As Commercial Brewery Supplier

Commercial Brewery Suppliers

Frothman brewing solutions is a division of sahara engineers dedicated for providing complete brewing solutions for alcoholic beverage industries, Mini breweries, Microbreweries And has been delivering value to our clients by designing and manufacturing state of the art equipment for the alchohol and beverage industry. Frothman brewing solutions is an leading brewery supplier in india from the past 24 years.


Frothman Brewing offers a reasonable rate on all of our commercial brewing equipment. We offer commercial brewery including Kegging solution, Bright tanks, unitank/fermenters, complete beverage systems, control system, cooling system, CIP etc and more.
If you are planning to open a micro brewery, pub brewery, or new brewhouse, please contact us once before, our experienced team will help you meet all your brewhouse needs, as well as the right professional beverage equipment for your brewhouse. Need to find out and buy it. Due to the rise in the number of microbreweries in our country, the demand for Commercial Brewery equipment is increasing, So today, the demand for supplying equipment related to commercial brewery is increasing worldwide.
Find everything including different kind of commercial brewery you need to fit your brewery from Frothman Brewing Solutions's expansive inventory - including the largest variety of stock.

We supply different types of Brewhouse Brewery Equipment including brewhouse, mashing system, kegging solutions, fermenters, cooling system, keg washer , steam boiler etc.

List Of Commercial Brewing Equipment :

We supply Brewery equipment at diffrent size depends on commercial brewery requirment.

  • Beer Fermenters & Brite Tanks
  • Carbonation, Control & Monitoring
  • Brewhouse, Pumps & Heat Exchanger
  • Ingredients, Yeasts & Additives
  • Fittings & Valves
  • Beer Kegs, Dispensing & Packaging
  • Filtration
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brewing Services

Sourcing of qualified and experienced team of brewers and Brewmaster

Raw Material Management

Beer monitoring, Quality control and R&D.

Production Cost Management

Basic Man Power Training

Beer Recipe Formulation and Collaboration Brews

Leading All-in-one craft beer brewing machine supplier

craft beer brewing machine & Craft brewery machine Equipment

Frothman brewing solutions is known for group of sahara engineers. Frothman is known for leading Craft Beer Brewing Equipment Supplier in india, that provide wide range of brewing equipment, including craft beer brewing machine,Craft Beer Home Tap Machine, Compact Craft Beer Brewing Machine, Home Beer Brewing System, Personalized Craft Cider Machine, Craft Beer Advent Calendar,Organic Craft Beer Guide, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery, Craft Beer Brewing Appliance for Homebrewing, Fully Automated Beer Brewing System,craft beer brewing equipment, craft beer brewing equipment for sale,craft beer breweries, craft brewing systems, & craft brewery machine as well as we offer our customers a complete brewing solution because Frothman is a leading craft beer brewing equipment wholesaler, Craft Brewing Systems Manufacturers and Suppliers & craft brewing equipment manufacturer which supplies craft beer breweries and craft beer brewing equipment for sale.

We Provide Installation of Brewing Equipment & Opening Your Own Brewery|