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Breweries Manufacturers, Microbreweries Manufacturers, Wineries Manufacturers

About Frothman Brewing Solutions

Frothman as a brand was developed under reputable Sahara engineers in 2018.
Frothman follows the legacy of its parent organization serving the Alcobev industry for past 24 years by providing state of the art designs in equipment and tank manufacturing based on top industry standards by amalgamation of best quality, reliability, after sales service and value. Frothman Brewing Solutions continues this journey to provide turnkey solutions with high quality equipment, brewing services and best in class after sales.
We have skilled work force with a cumulative experience of over 45 years in diverse engineering and operational roles for commercial breweries, microbreweries, wineries and other F&B industries.



We believe in enabling hassle free brewing of artisanal craft beers through well engineered equipment and services


We are committed to equipments by harnessing cutting edge technology approved for brewing by globally renowned breweries & Brewmasters, well known for acute amalgamation of authentic brewing techniques and new innovations in the industry. We incorporate the best of minds, raw materials and manufacturing practices to provide you risk free, efficient and guaranteed results.
Company Profile | 45 Years Experience in Breweries, Microbreweries, & Wineries | Equipment and Manufacturers | Frothmanbrewing


FROTH : Representing the natural intrinsic froth of the beer
MAN : Representing the individuality of the craft beer
We truly believe in creating environment / workplace conducive for brewing a series of amazing craft beers

Our Strength

Frothman Brewing Solutions has always had a fine feeling for future trends on the market and groundbreaking technologies.

How we do it ?

Frothman is dedicated in fulfilling the customer’s quality requirements to help them manufacture the perfect glass of beer, wine and alcoholic beverage according to their specifications. We are committed to use highest quality of materials and consumables from our certified vendors to meet various quality specifications.
We have skilled work force comprised of cumulative experience of over 43 years in diverse engineering & operational roles including commercial breweries, microbreweries, wineries, fruit and vegetable processing, IMFL and dairy. For us every final consumable product is a result of a competent and precise level of engineering specifically tailored to add value to our client’s requirements.

Breweries Manufacturers, Microbreweries Manufacturers, Wineries Manufacturers


Finest Flavour of Finest Moments

Implementation of new design, improving efficiency, safe working conditions with best in class engineering practices under validation of accredited global certification standards is Frothman prime motto.

Liquor moguls or beer barons are terms which have been a source of excitement for every entrepreneur. Passion in a venture that lets you achieve highest dividends and returns while letting you have a peaceful drink with your friends, minus the hiccups of sustainability at a fraction of finances involved in larger projects. A hassle free approach with trustworthy supplier is a recipe for risk free endeavor guaranteeing success and growth along with innovation for years to come.

Feeling content while drinking your best mug of beer in a warm evening in your favorite bar. Slowly witnessing the business thrive and the hustle among bartender to fill up the fresh beer mugs as the orders keep pouring in. sustaining in a business which is never influenced by any recession or bearish market, is every entrepreneurs dream. A well oiled machined management taking pride in their produce, you look around and face a grin from a familiar friendly face, he acknowledges “Thanks for opening up this craft brewery, brother!!”

We Provide Installation of Brewing Equipment & Opening Your Own Brewery|